Escritos Transdisciplinares de Criminologia, Direito e Processo Penal – Homenagem aos Mestres Vera Malaguti e Nilo Batista

Christiano Fragoso, Rodrigo Falk Fragoso
Revan, Rio de Janeiro/RJ
1152 pages. Edition: 1st (2014)

This book in honor of Professors Vera Malaguti and Nilo Batista consists of a collection of reflective and critical writings on the punitive system, Criminology, Criminal Law, and Criminal Procedural Law, of Brazilian and foreign professors, among which some of the most outstanding representatives of the criminal sciences today.
Christiano Fragoso’s article, entitled “Código Criminal e Código Criminoso: subsídios e notas ao Código Penal nazista de 1936,” shows the fundamental features of the 1936 Nazi Criminal Code Bill, pointing out the strong influence of Nazi ideology in the creation of new types of criminal offenses and in the reformulation of legal-criminal concepts.
The article by Rodrigo Falk Fragoso, entitled “Deve a Lei Penal Punir a Manipulação do Mercado de Capitais?”, presents a critical analysis of the legal objectivity and of the elements constituting the crime set forth under article 27-C of Law 6385, of December 7, 1976.