• Advocacia da liberdade

    Heleno Fragoso
    Forense, Rio de Janeiro/RJ,
    204 pages.
    Edited in 1984
    In this book, Heleno Fragoso tells his hard experience as a lawyer for political prisoners during the “leaden years” of the post-1964 military dictatorship. Here we can find, in a language that is accessible to the layperson, reports of remarkable criminal cases, such as the ones occurred to Ênio Silveira, Niomar Moniz Sodré Bitencourt, Caio Prado Junior, Father François Jentel, Stuart Angel Jones, Francisco Pinto and Father Reginaldo Veloso. The book also addresses the case of the Movement for Emancipation of the Proletariat (Movimento de Emancipação do Proletariado – MEP) and against the metallurgists of São Paulo, which involved, among others, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.
  • Comentários ao Código Penal

    Heleno Fragoso
    Rio de Janeiro/RJ,
    1979-80 1st Edition: 1953.
    The most important work of the Brazilian legal-penal literature of all time, almost entirely authored by Justice Nelson Hungria, commenting the Criminal Code of 1940, article by article. Heleno Fragoso updated some of the volumes (Volume I, Books I and II, Volume V, Volume VI, and Volume VII - all by Hungria) without interfering with the original text, adding additional comments at the end of each volume.
  • Jurisprudência Criminal

    Heleno Fragoso
    Forense, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, 1982,
    642 pages
    1st Edition: Borsói, 1968.
    Far from constituting a mere repository of jurisprudence, the book brings careful comments and criticisms to countless decisions issued by the Brazilian courts in criminal and criminal procedural matters, always invoking a great deal of national and foreign penal doctrine. Although the primary objective of the work is eminently practical (that is, to give exact knowledge of the case law), the considerable depth of the analysis of the theoretical-practical issues dealt with in the judgments confers undeniable relevance to the issues addressed.
  • Primeiras linhas sobre o direito penal e o processo penal

    Heleno Fragoso
    Cadernos do Instituto de Ciências Penais, n. 03, Rio de Janeiro/RJ.
    60 pages
    Edited in 1975.
    Text originally prepared for publication, in French, in a collection organized by Professor Marc Ancel, under the auspices of the Comparative Law Institute (Paris), it was carried out according to criteria established by Sebastian Soler, who coordinated the preparation of the volume relative to South America. It was an exposition on the fundamental aspects of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in our country, to be used by beginner students, for an overview of the Brazilian punitive system.
  • Abuso de Drogas na Legislação Brasileira

    Heleno Fragoso
    Liber Juris - Rio de Janeiro/RJ,
    148 pages.
    Edited in 1976.
    Work performed in co-authorship with the sociologist Yolanda Catão, within the research program of the Institute of Penal Sciences of Cândido Mendes Law School, during the year of 1975. The work is divided into two parts. The first contains general considerations on the object of the research and the problem of drug abuse, with information about the methodology used. In the second part, there is the analysis and interpretation of the data, with the conclusions and recommendations.
  • Direitos dos Presos

    Heleno Fragoso
    Forense, Rio de Janeiro/RJ,
    134 pages.
    Edited in 1980
    The book contains a study by Heleno Fragoso on the legal and criminological perspectives of the subject, as well as a report on the research performed by Yolanda Catão and Elizabeth Sussekind regarding the situation of the prisoners, based on penitentiary institutions for men in Rio de Janeiro. Edited at a time when our country did not even have a law on penal execution, this work exposes the reality of the prison system, shows the slow evolution of the process of recognition of rights to prisoners, and reveals the aporias, idiosyncrasies and hidden purposes of the execution of the criminal penalty.
  • Lei de Segurança Nacional: uma experiência antidemocrática

    Heleno Fragoso
    Sergio Antonio Fabris Editor, Porto Alegre/RS,
    59 pages.
    Edited in 1980.
    Development of work carried out for the Federal Council of the OAB (the Brazilian Bar Association), and adopted by them as their official statement, at the time the reform of the National Security Law then in force was under discussion. The author examines the doctrine of national security, and also addresses the concepts of political crime and crime of manifestation of thoughts, devising several proposals for legislative reform in multiple criminal and criminal procedure aspects.
  • Terrorismo e Criminalidade Política

    Heleno Fragoso
    Forense, Rio de Janeiro/RJ,
    136 pages.
    1st edition: 1981.
    Thesis presented by Heleno Fragoso for a competitive examination for the position of Full Professor of Criminal Law at Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ). This pioneering work addresses the legal and criminological aspects of the complex phenomenon of terrorism, as well as of political criminality, in an incredible timeless work. The book brings a careful conceptualization of terrorism, its historical evolution, and criminology, approaching the relations with the theory of political crime and of the Brazilian and foreign legislation regarding this phenomenon.
  • Direito Penal e Direitos Humanos

    Heleno Fragoso
    Forense, Rio de Janeiro/RJ,
    204 pages.
    1st edition: 1977
    Collection of legal works regarding several criminal matters. Here one can find articles on “Aspectos jurídicos da marginalidade social”, “Igualdade e desigualdade na administração da justiça”, “Objeto do crime”, “Apontamentos sobre o conceito de crime no direito soviético”, “Elementos subjetivos do tipo”, “Notas sobre o direito penal anglo-americano”, and “Os direitos do homem e sua tutela jurídica”, among others.
  • Lições de Direito Penal

    Heleno Fragoso
    Forense, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, 2003,
    585 pages.
    1st edition: 1976 (José Bushatsky ed., São Paulo/SP).
    A renowned book aimed at Criminal Law teaching, which had been sold out for several years, and now reappears in its 16th edition, fully revised, updated and extended. The book covers, in a synthetic and deep manner, all the subjects relative to the general part of the Criminal Code currently in force.