Criminal appeal 5013 (minutes 32 of 1976)

  • Fact: Defendants tried to reorganize the communist party in Paraná.
  • Crime: art. 43 of Decree-Law 898/69 (former National Security Law)
“Art. 43. Reorganize or attempt to reorganize in fact or in law, even under false name or simulated form, any party or association, dissolved by force of legal dissolution or judicial decision, or that exercises activities harmful or dangerous to national security, or make them work, under the same conditions, when legally suspended: Penalty: imprisonment, from 2 to 5 years.”
  • Processo: recurso interposto contra prisão preventiva.
  • Fundamentos: Excesso de prazo. Nulidade do decreto de prisão. Ausência dos requisitos cautelares.
  • Sustentação: Heleno Fragoso
  • Case: appeal against protective custody.
  • Grounds: Excessive term. Nullity of the prison decree. Absence of precautionary requirements.
  • Oral argument: Heleno Fragoso