Autoritarismo e Sistema Penal

Christiano Fragoso
Publisher: Lumen Juris, Rio de Janeiro/RJ
444 pages. Edition: 2nd (December 2016)

This book contains, with some minor changes, the study by means of which Christiano Fragoso has obtained his Ph. D. in Law from Rio de Janeiro State University, in 2011. I had the refreshed pleasure of following closely the development of the work; refreshed because, a few years before, I had been able to advise him in his master’s degree dissertation, which brilliantly demonstrated the uselessness of creating a legal type, the strike offense, for the treatment of hard cases (workers in the health area, flight controllers, etc.) that make the news anchors beg for knocks and arrests (Repressão Penal da Greve – uma experiência antidemocrática, S. Paulo, 2009, IBCCrim).

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